Topics To Write About For A Thesis On Global Warming Effects

Global warming is a very real problem that is occurring. If you have been told to write a thesis about this, then it is good as you will know what is going on in our planet. If you are wondering what to write, then continue reading on.

You will start off with a strong introduction that will introduce global warming. You can write what exactly it is and why it is a severe problem. Next, you will go on to the body of the dissertation which is discussed below.

What is already happening:

You can start off by writing about what is already happening because of global warming. This includes:

  • Ice melting
  • It has been seen that ice is melting across the world, mainly at our Earth’s poles. Mountain glaciers, Artic sea ice as well as ice sheets that are covering West Antarctica along with Greenland are included in this.

  • Loss of species
  • Some animals are also becoming less because of global warming, for instance, the Adélie penguins in Antarctica.

  • Change in sea level
  • It has been noticed that sea level rise actually became faster when looking at the last century.

  • Animals moving
  • Some alpine plants, foxes along with butterflies have actually gone farther north or are looking for those areas that are higher and cooler.

  • Climate change
  • Precipitation i.e. rain plus snowfall has become more across the world, on average.

  • Increase in some pesky insects
  • Spruce bark beetles in Alaska have become more due to warm summers. It has been seen that these insects have chewed many spruce trees.

What may happen later on:

After this you can write what may happen in the future if global warming continues:

  • Sea level rise
  • It has been expected that sea levels will rise between around 7 and 23 inches. This is expected by the termination of the century. More melting at our poles can increase this even further.

  • Climate change
  • Hurricanes along with various storms are expected to become more powerful. Floods, as well as droughts, are also expected to come more often. Rainfall in Ethiopia that already experiences many droughts could actually become less. The amount of fresh water may become less.

  • Impact on species
  • Species which depend on upon each other may lose this sync, for instance, plants may bloom quicker in comparison to when their pollination insects tend to become active. Ecosystems may alter.

  • Spread of disease
  • Some diseases may spread like malaria that is spread by mosquitoes.

You can end by writing a strong conclusion that says that global warming is a huge problem which needs to be controlled if we want our future generations to live on a clean planet.

Now you know what to write if you have been told to write a paper on the effects of global warming. Make your introduction and conclusion strong and make sure that the paragraphs in the body of your paper connect with one another. Use a separate paragraph to explain each point.

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