A List Of Dissertation Topics In International Business Management

If you have to compose a dissertation about international business management, than you also need a really good topic for that. There are many good topics, but there are also bad ones, where you can’t really do much. The topic is often the most important part, because you have to pick something you are comfortable with. You should be able to write a well researched paper on that and that’s why the main idea is very important. If you can’t decide what to choose, we have some really good topics about international business management.

  1. From small business to a global business
  2. You can write about the process of one small business that is aiming for something more.

  3. The difference between marketing when promoting one product, in different parts of the world.
  4. There is a difference when it comes to marketing and different regions. Try to do your research on that and write about that difference.

  5. What obstacles do multinational corporations face?
  6. Multinational corporations often have to go through some obstacles and you can try to identify those.

  7. How does the government impact international businesses?
  8. The government plays a big role when it comes to international businesses. Try to define those effects.

  9. How do multinational firms survive all the challenges they face?
  10. It’s not easy to survive in the business world, especially for multinational firms. Think about their challenges and write about it.

  11. Customers from different parts of the world respond to one product in different ways.
  12. What is the reason for that and why do customers react in a different way?

  13. Can global teams be controled from a single control center?
  14. If they can, how is that possible? Explain that in your paper.

  15. Think about the political behavior of one country. How does it influence international businesses?
  16. Does it have an impact at all? Why and why not?

  17. Do weather conditions influence the international business?
  18. Is it possible that the weather conditions ruin or improve the international businesses How does it come to this kind of impact?

  19. How can a company create a good media strategy?
  20. Media and social media have a great impact on everyday life. But how can companies use this in order to win customers. Try to do the research and give your opinion as well. Dissertation Team is ready to help you with all these topics.

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