How To Come Up With A Brilliant PhD Thesis Topic: Tips And Examples

Your time in school has flown by, and now you are faced with the daunting task of having to develop a brilliant thesis topic to earn your PhD. Don’t fret. We’re here to give you the best help around. With these tips and examples you should be able to come up with your own brilliant ideas with little effort:

  • Tip #1: Start with a Broad Topic that Interests You
  • Start by spending a half hour reviewing your course syllabus and using keywords to search for current issues related to some interesting topics online. These two exercises have been proven to inspire a number of great thesis topics.

  • Tip #2: Check for Existing Related Research Material
  • As soon as you’ve selected a PhD thesis topic you enjoy, you should begin to check for existing related research material to ensure you are heading in an original direction. You can check online databases but it’s best to utilize the ones available at the university library to ensure you cover all of your basics.

  • Tip #3: Narrow the Focus to a Specific Question
  • If you’ve found that you have an original topic idea you are interested in and one that is deserving of a full research study, then you should start focusing your idea into a specific question. Your topic should never be too broad that you can’t delve into a question deeply nor to narrow that you can’t find evidence to support your claims.

Some PhD Thesis Examples for You to Help Inspire Ideas

  • Example 1) Conduct a comparative analysis of the relationship between social responsibility for large corporations who financially perform and achieve profits above expectations over a three-year period.
  • Example 2) Analyze the effects of abortion for young women aged 18 – 25 on their health in future pregnancies. Are there medications or treatments that can keep women healthy in later reproductive years?
  • Example 3) Compare and contrast the Montessori method of education versus public education method at the pre-school level. Does one method provide a greater indication of whether or not a student will succeed at higher levels?
  • Example 4) Do you believe traditional business administration collegiate and graduate programs should focus more on entrepreneurship? Are business administration programs as we know them today more or less effective?
  • Example 5) In what ways has ObamaCare succeeded or failed? What are the major pathways or hurdles for success of a universal health care program in the United States, when so many private companies oppose these types of programs?

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