PhD Thesis Topics In Economics: 18 Best Suggestions

Are you writing a PhD thesis topic in economics, but don’t know what to write about? Taking a look at the top suggestions can make it easier for you to think of your own top quality question, which will grant you a good grade. You just need to have the correct approach, otherwise you will just be negative. That is not what you want when creating a paper, which can determine you semester grade. So read this article from bottom to top to find out how you can think of your own quality title. With that approach here are the 18 best topic suggestions on PhD thesis topics in economics.

  1. How does the world economy function?
  2. Why do we have an economy?
  3. Why don’t we have one world currency?
  4. What would happen if the value of the dollar just falls?
  5. Why is money so important in today’s world?
  6. The top 10 people who made the economy what it is today
  7. Why do currencies’ raise and fall?
  8. Why is it important to have taxes, and what does the government do with the money?
  9. Is the general public paying way too much on taxes?
  10. Should the United States raise the minimum wage to double of what it is right now?
  11. Why what happen if the Euro value were to fall really low?
  12. What would you change about money?
  13. Are people getting paid too little in today’s world?
  14. How can we decrease the percentage of unemployed people?
  15. Why do countries go in a recession?
  16. Should all the countries convert to one currency instead of having different currencies?
  17. Top 10 facts about the economy
  18. How hard is it to live on the minimum wage in America?

That is just a few of many titles, which you can be using to write a top quality paper. Try to find a title that you know you can get a great grade out of, because this way doing the project will be much easier. Of course you can take your chances with a header that you don’t really have knowledge about, but you will have to do tons and tons of research.

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