Who Can Help Me To Write A Doctoral Thesis For Free?


Due to the demanding nature of the task involved and skills required to write a doctoral thesis, many scholars often seek help from various sources. But it’s always at a certain cost, and it’s obvious that finding someone who can help you complete the job for free is impossible in the capitalist world that we live in today. Bottom line is you have to put in something to get what you want. Nonetheless, you can still get some free help on a number of aspects of the paper if you know where to look and get a bit more creative. Here are some possible suggestions to consider.

Try the Internet sources

The internet these days is a wonderful place. There are tons of resources that are designed to make it easier for anyone looking for information, which makes it a good place to start your journey to the doctoral dissertation. For example, the internet is a great place to research about a topic for your paper. Another trick for you: use an online thesis generator to come up with a great topic idea. It is also a great place to meet people who offer services that you will require when writing your project. You only need a PC or laptop and internet connection to find people who offer services like:

  • Data collection
  • Data entry
  • Data Analysis
  • Online surveys
  • Coding of questionnaire, etc

Interact with other Post-Graduate Students

One of the best ways to get free help when writing your doctoral research paper is by talking to other students at your level. They may offer very valuable insights on how to go about certain aspects of the paper. For instance, you may have a problem with crafting a hypothesis for your study, but someone else might give you some useful tips and suggestions on how to tackle the issue. You only need to make an effort in finding the right kind of guys to talk to. Moreover, fellow students can provide information about valuable resources that you can use. You can be sure such guys will not charge you for the advice.

Consult your Professor/Instructor

There’s no way your professor or instructors will be charging you for advice that you seek from them when preparing your doctoral thesis. If you are having a particular problem with any aspect of your doctoral study, you can be sure that your teachers will be willing and glad to offer you the required assistance. You only have to make an effort in setting up consultation meetings at the appropriate time for both you and the professor/instructor.


In summary, you should understand that when doing any academic research work, it is very difficult to get the right help for absolutely no cost. However, you can get some services and free advice on how to go about certain aspects of the study by talking to other students, teachers, and consulting the Internet's vast resources. Other than that, you need to invest your time and energy to these things if you want to be successful.

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