Good Ideas You Can Use In Your Descriptive Essay About A City

Composing a descriptive essay means providing your readers with a kind of a colorfully written guide to the place you are describing. As this type of paper requires mentioning a lot of details, you should in advance think over the sides and features of the chosen city you want to highlight in your work. Splitting all the information you are going to give into certain categories and preparing an outline of the paper are very helpful ideas. Be sure to stick to the proper writing style demanded by the assignment.

General Tips on What to Include in Your Essay

  • First, give some basic info on the subject.
  • In the case of writing about the city, it might include some general geographic, demographic and other facts appropriate for your topic. Perhaps, some outstanding statistics can be included.

  • Mention the main historical milestones.
  • Although you shouldn’t concentrate on that point too much, give your readers a brief glance at city’s destiny throughout the centuries.

  • Emphasize some curious details.
  • Choose those relevant to your topic, for example, current social and cultural life, ethnical composition, main places of interest, climate, religious groups or something else. You can accompany it with your own impressions if the assignment is focused on that.

  • Select a catchy title.
  • Be sure that the title of your essay grabs the readers’ attention at first sight and encourages them to read further. Avoid making the title too long.

  • End it with a strong conclusion.
  • Sum up all the expressed ideas, described experiences and impressions, and given insights with the conclusion that is thought-provoking and valuable for the audience.

  • Revise your essay properly.
  • Take time to read and re-read the whole paper. Be sure that all the necessary information is in its place. Check if the parts of your work are logically connected with each other. Don’t forget to edit it and remove all possible kinds of mistakes: in grammar, punctuation, style etc.

12 Interesting Topics to Getting Inspired

  1. The city of my dream.
  2. Live in a busy megalopolis.
  3. My first visit to a new city.
  4. The most beautiful city in the world.
  5. The best city to visit in winter.
  6. Getting lost in a new city.
  7. The city that will strike your imagination.
  8. The city of museums.
  9. Festival traditions of my city.
  10. My experience of moving to another city.
  11. Exploring a new city.
  12. The best city for students.

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