A Collection Of Dissertation Topics On Performance Appraisal

Many modern day institutions employ an appraisal system, which is thought to give employees motivation and give them important areas of their skills they need to improve on. However, many people disagree with performance appraisals and think it is counter productive and a waste of time. Due to this, there is a lot of research into the topic, as people want to see if there is truly any merit to either side of the discussion. This makes it a good dissertation topic, since you can incorporate many differing opinions and research into your work.


As briefly discussed, the controversy surrounding performance appraisal systems makes it a great topic for a dissertation. You can incorporate a plethora of research and analyse varying opinion regarding it in academia. These are all objectives students must hit in their paper to achieve high marks for it. As such, the following are the best topics to write about on performance appraisal:

  • To what extent can performance appraisals motivate employees?
  • To what extent can performance appraisals negatively affect someone’s work?
  • How can managers better incorporate performance appraisals into their leadership skills?
  • Conducting effective performance appraisals
  • How can performance appraisals be used to manage manager performance?
  • How can a pay-for-appraisals be used to make workers more efficient?
  • Effective performance management systems
  • Performance management issues
  • Incompetent job performance in the public sector
  • High performance work system

All these performance appraisal topics allow you to bring in many resources and research, along with being able to dissect and analyze input from academics.


Due to the application of appraisal systems in many workplaces, your research for this topic should be relatively easy compared to other dissertation subjects. If you have ever worked where appraisals were utilized, then you can include your own experiences in your paper.

You can also interview and discuss with managers who strongly support performance appraisals and contrast this with those who don’t. Such research will show your dedication to writing a great paper on this subject and will greatly impress your professors.

Since performance appraisals are widely used in the modern workplace, it is not too hard to gather the relevant sources needed for success in your dissertation. The added bonus of such a topic is that you are able to also talk about your own experiences, and of those who apply appraisal systems in the workplace. Contrasting this with those who don’t give you a recipe for a great paper.

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