A Collection Of Strong Doctoral Thesis Statement Examples

Your doctoral thesis statement will be the beginning of the most important project of your educational career. When writing, your thesis is the central argument of your entire paper. You will want to have a powerful statement that you can build your essay around. Students should pick a topic that is specific in nature. Vague ideas could lead to different interpretations of how your paper should proceed. We have compiled a collection of strong doctoral thesis statement examples for a variety of different doctorates.

  1. A Review of the Elements of Customer Relation Management in the Automotive Industry
  2. The Importance of Three Qualitative Research Methods of Major Corporations
  3. The Role of Social Media in Hiring Employees
  4. The Issue of Exploitative College Sports Relations in America
  5. The Changes in Social Psychology for the Foreseeable Future
  6. A Comparison between the Concepts of Essentialism and Social Constructionism
  7. Fast Food is the Number One Cause for Child Obesity in the United States
  8. The Factors Leading to the Huge Food Portions in America
  9. The Use of Strategic Planning in Smaller and Larger Enterprises
  10. Homelessness and Other Social Issues Caused by the Mergers and Advancement of Companies in the United States
  11. An Analysis of the Business Compensation Strategies and the Effects on the Success of Organizations
  12. The Concept and Characteristics of Leadership
  13. An Introduction to the Analysis of the Various Leadership Styles
  14. An Overview of the Import and Export of Goods in the United States
  15. The Benefits of Developing a Healthy Lifestyle for Teenage Girls
  16. Diet and Caloric Consumption as the Two Major Factors in the Continual Rise of Obesity Rate in the United States
  17. Prenatal Cocaine Exposure and the Negative Effects of Crack-Cocaine on Infants
  18. The Health Benefits of Breastfeeding to Both the Mother and the Baby
  19. Educational Crisis and the Importance of a Reform in the Educational System in the United States
  20. The Importance of Making the Right Choice of Degree Courses
  21. The High Price of College Education in America
  22. The Risks and Advantages of Homeland Security and Homeland Defense
  23. The US Must Evolve Its Policies to Prevent Weapons of Mass Destruction
  24. The US Government Has a Moral Obligation to Provide Universal Healthcare to Its Citizens
  25. The Origin of the Social Security Program and Its Impact on the American Society

Your doctoral thesis statement will pave the way for your entire project, so make sure you pick a solid foundation for your argument.

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