Vitally Important Tips For Writing A Dissertation Conclusion

Having an appealing and unique conclusion is vital to any well-written dissertation. It’s your last chance to present your rational and logical views on your dissertation research topic and to leave a lasting impression upon your readers. The following are the most vitally important tips you need to know to write a great dissertation conclusion in any subject:

  • Tip #1: Restate your thesis or hypothesis (position) in different words
  • Never copy down your thesis or hypothesis, but do restate it in some general form to remind the reader what your argument was and to demonstrate how you’ve gone about proving it throughout the dissertation. Think about your thesis statement as a way of saying “I will argue”; in similar terms, the start of your conclusion should be a way of saying “I have argued.”

  • Tip #2: Place your topic in a larger context to emphasize its important
  • Emphasizing the importance of your work, in simple terms, means answering the “so what?” question that the graduate committee and future academic researchers will ask. No expects you to write the definitive work on any topic, but they expect you to have done substantial work to have contributed to a particular field of study. Your work will be built on by others, so it’s perfectly acceptable to put your work into this larger context.

  • Tip #3: Provide implications or suggestions for the future of your work
  • Your dissertation will likely be the most important project you have worked on up this point in your academic career. It’s a project you should be very proud of and it’s okay to provide an explanation of its importance in the discipline and future work by you and other researchers. If you have done your work effectively, the reader will take it seriously and will consider you an expert on the topic, so be confident in stating its implications.

  • Tip #4: End your conclusion with an impactful and memorable statement
  • The most effective way of leaving a lasting impression with your readers, which will likely make your dissertation stand apart from others’, is to end with a powerful quote, image, or some sort of call to action that will have the reader thinking for days or weeks afterwards. Make sure it’s something recognizable and related to the main idea or theme you have discussed in the work.

Writing the conclusion can be a difficult task for many students. And while there is no exact way to construct a conclusion following the above tips will make writing a great one a likely possibility.

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